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The International Driver's Document (IDD) is an unofficial translation of a native driver's license. The International Driver's Document translation provided by IDLUN International, LLC is used to help overcome language barriers and communicate with local authorities while travelling abroad. Translation offered by IDLUN International, LLC has no official status and does not endow any legal privileges or rights to its users.

IDLUN International, LLC is a privately owned company and is not affiliated with any government agency or organization. International Driving Permit, which is issued by government agencies, is the only official translation of an individual's driver's license.

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Your International Driver's Document gives you freedom when traveling to any country that is a member of the United Nations!

The advantages of International Driver's Document

It is recommended that you obtain International Driver's Document (IDD) prior to traveling overseas. International Driver’s Document and photo-ID supplement serve as a translation of your native driver's license into multiple foreign languages, so it can be easily interpreted by English-speaking and foreign authorities. International Driver’s Document is honored in over 150 countries outside the United States. Learn more »

Services and Fees of International Driver's Document

Type Of Document Expire Fees
International Driver's Document 1 Years $34.99
Special Price
International Driver's Document 3 Years $44.99
International Driver's Document 5 Years $54.99
International Driver's Document 10 Years $74.99
Non Government ID-card 5 Years $24.99
Insurance of Document   What's this? One time $15.00
Shipping & Handling Services Delivery Period Fees
USPS Priority 2-3  days $7.99
USPS Express 24 hours $24.99
DHL Regular 5-10  days $44.99
DHL Business Express 48-72 hours $59.99

The "International Driver's Document" (known as "International Driver's License") - passport size-booklet contains 6 pages in 6 foreign languages (English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, French) representing your Native Driver's License. IDLUN INTERNATIONAL offers shipping to 193 different countries around the world. Services and Fees of International Driver's Document - The Translation of Native Driver's License. Learn more at «Services and Fees».